SCAD-MT cardiomyocyte

Human heart muscle-like micro-tissues for predictive drug discovery and development

SCAD-MT(TM) cardiomyocyte

SCAD-MT cardiomyocyte is a quality-certified, ready-to-use nanofiber-based culturing device pre-plated with our functional and stable human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes. Our 3D cell culture platform results in microtissues with multi-layered, highly oriented, more human-like cardiac structures optimized for drug discovery and development, and in vitro toxicology.
SCAD-MT cardiomyocyte exhibits remarkable features for contractility and longer-term chronic studies.

  1. Functional, three-dimensional highly aligned cardiac microtissue
  2. Improved maturity (high expression of cardiac maturation-related genes)
  3. Ready-to-use: no thawing or pre-culture needed
  4. Potential for use in chronic, long-term exposure studies
  5. High contractility
  6. High lot-to-lot consistency
  7. High purity cardiomyocytes (~98%) derived from human iPS cells
  8. Easy handling
  9. Good drug responses
  10. Clear and reliable repolarization waves of extracellular potential