It is widely known that the current process of discovery and development of drugs and compounds has high rates of attrition and relies heavily on pre-clinical tests with animal models and on in vitro models with insufficient precision. We believe that pre-clinical, in vitro human cell products are essential elements for driving drug discovery and development into higher levels of efficiency and safety levels, which will ultimately be of benefit for patients and the society at large.

To make this a reality, we have built up expertise in cardiac differentiation and 3D culture technologies. First, our proprietary cardiac differentiation technology based on small-molecule compounds that enable robust and efficient conversion of human iPS cells into cardiomyocytes. Second, our 3D culture technology relies on scaffolds with aligned nanofibers for the creation of human-like, multi-layered, and highly oriented cardiac micro-tissues.

Our expertise allows us to develop cell-based devices that fine-tune the unique properties of organ tissues with the right scaffold materials. Such optimum cell-material combinations result in enhanced levels of cell functionality and maturation, and ultimately in predictive and consistent drug responses.

The SCAD-MT cell platform has been specifically developed for efficacy, safety, and toxicology models and assays for drug discovery and development.

bio-nano integration