Who we are

SCAD creates human cell solutions that enable more efficient and safer drug discovery and development processes, which will ultimately benefit patients and society at large. We develop novel bio-nano devices that predict the potential toxicities and efficacies of drugs and compounds on human biology in vitro.

Recent News

Introducing SCAD-MT(TM) cardiomyocyte

The initial element of our predictive drug toxicology and efficacy platform is the SCAD-MT cardiomyocyte, which is a ready-to-use nanofiber-based device pre-seeded with our proprietary functional and mature human iPS cell-derived cardiac micro-tissues (MT).
By closely recapitulating the human myocardium, SCAD-MT cardiomyocyte ensures the reliable and reproducible prediction of the potential toxicities and efficacies of drugs in vitro.

SCAD-MT(TM) cardiomyocyte

Core technologies

Our expertise in stem cells and nanofiber materials allows us to develop cell devices that fine-tune the unique properties of organ tissues to the right scaffold materials for refined drug responses.
Such optimum cell-material combinations result in enhanced levels of cell functionality and maturation, and ultimately in predictive and consistent cell devices for drug discovery and development, an in vitro toxicology. In particular, SCAD’s cell devices offer remarkable benefits for contractility and longer-term chronic toxicity studies.

Core technologies